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290731229_436990828287554_2028338696294269134_n-removebg-previewThe Company

Buildbite is a construction SaaS startup offering a field management app for small to medium-sized construction companies. Buildbite was built to solve overlaying problems in the construction industry, a need for more transparency, collaboration, and communication between all stakeholders, including the end customer.

Untitled design (9)Progress overview

Within 4 months, we helped Buildbite—one of the fastest-growing task management apps in construction—make organic search the company’s #1 lead-generation channel. We achieved this through a combination of content strategy, content creation, and SEO services.

Research goes in line with our experience, that it takes between 3 to 6 months to start seeing results with SEO. We are currently in month 4, and these numbers will keep compounding over time.

The Challenges


New and fresh domain with low authority and organic traffic - No data to back decision-making.

Lack of content creation processes and workflows

Zero free trials or booked demos that were directly attributed to SEO

No visibility in Finland, US, or UK for terms relevant to the company’s product. Outranked by their competitors in all markets.

When we started working with Buildbite, they didn’t have a defined strategy around content, nor was it optimized for search. The existing content was relevant and had decent quality, but it wasn’t generating any traffic or conversions since SEO wasn’t a part of their strategy. Both their content marketer and CEO spend a lot of time writing the previous blog posts.

Buildbite was attracting little to no traffic organically from its main markets, Finland and the UK.

No analytics tools were set up, and the organic traffic and overall domain authority were low, there wasn’t any data to work on.

Before working with us, Buildbite solely focused on outbound sales and paid ads, which resulted in fluctuating and unreliable results, which ultimately hurt their growth.

Buildbite wanted to ramp up its SEO and blog content but didn’t have the time or resources in-house. They saw a big opportunity to create a sustainable revenue channel with high ROI, increased lead-customer ratio, customer LTV, and overall online visibility.

After a qualification process followed by a seamless onboarding, we kicked things off on the 1st of October.

The Solution


 Conduct research interviews with best customers, and the sales- and support team.

  Define the content strategy and identify all the keywords for which the website had to get visibility. We scored these keywords based on opportunity score and prioritized them accordingly.

 Create topic expert content around relevant keywords targeting the US, UK, and Finnish markets.

  Establish processes and workflows that require minimal effort on our client’s side

 Create a short term strategy for increasing traffic and authority, and a long-term strategy for conversions

 Craft a case-study with relevant use cases to establish credibility

We started by clearly defining their best customer from the following criteria:

  • Who are the customers that pay the most?
  • Who are the customers that stay with you the longest?
  • Who are the customers that you love working with?
  • Who are the customers that have a high need for the product or service?

We conducted product research interviews with members of the team to deeply understand all aspects of the product and its differentiators on the market. This also enabled us to gain unique insights into their ideal customers.

We conducted pain point research interviews with customer-facing members of the team to understand:

  • What are the biggest pain points that Buildbite solves?
  • Which features of Buildbite help solve these pain points?

With Exceed’s extensive SEO work, we’ve gained analytical insights into customer behavior which we’ve been able to leverage in all marketing and sales-related activities.

After an increased understanding of Buildbite, their customers, and their product, we started analyzing their website and SEO, as well as their main competitors in organic search.

After putting a lot of emphasis on research, we crafted a 3-month content strategy intending to increase organic traffic and domain authority. This was achieved by creating top-of-funnel content around keywords with high volume, and medium to low competition. We also implemented link-building to increase the visibility of this content, and to speed up the results.

Here’s an example of a TOFU article written back in October.

After the initial 3 months, we boosted their traffic and domain authority significantly and started to see some traction. So we re-evaluated our strategy for the following 3 months, and decided to put more focus on mid- and bottom-funnel content around keywords with higher intent, intending to create a high-quality lead channel for Buildbite.

The team at Exceed is outstanding. Their knowledge, skill, and energy are boundless and their content creation is always on point. The team is a joy to work with and they deliver exceptional value time after time 

Following our strategy led to a continuous increase in traffic, and now we started to see conversions increasing rapidly as well.

After analyzing which bottom-funnel pieces were performing well organically, we strategically pushed some articles with backlinks and paid ads, to increase visibility, but also boost conversions.

Here’s an example of a BOFU article written in January.

The Results

Above all, we managed to turn a channel that was non-existent for our client before we started working together into the company’s #1 customer-acquisition channel. Today, we continue being on top of the game and help Buildbite reach even greater heights.

Started Trials & Booked Demos

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Organic Keyword Positions

685 Keywords

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Impressions (Compared with previous 6 months)

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Blog page views

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The Summary

After working with Buildbite for just over 4 months, we've been able to create some great results.

SEO and content marketing is a long-term game, but with the right strategy, link-building, and paid promotion it's possible to speed up the short-term results. 

After Exceed came onboard and scaled up our SEO and Content Marketing efforts, we can easily see which topics and what kind of content performs well, which gives us a lot of data on what’s most relevant to our ideal customers.

To date, we continue to stay on top of our craft and help Buildbite reach even greater heights in their organic growth.

The team at Exceed have been extremely professional and opened new areas and possibilities we wouldn't have thought of on our own. 

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