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The Company

Zipadoo is an innovative e-commerce platform that helps consumers connect with their local shops. Their platform enables customers to support their favorite local businesses from the comfort of their homes. This unique platform not only facilitates seamless shopping experiences but also empowers local businesses to showcase and promote their products within a vibrant community of fellow consumers.

Untitled design (9)Progress overview

Within 7 months, we helped Zipadoo—increase their traffic by 432%. This was achieved through a combination of SEO optimization, a rigid content strategy, and consistent content creation.

Research goes in line with our experience, that it takes between 3 to 6 months to start seeing results with SEO. We are currently in month 4, and these numbers will keep compounding over time.

The Challenges


Lack of content strategy and SEO optimized website pages

Traffic was not targeted and came from wrong geographical location

Low number of sign-ups that were directly attributed to SEO

Needed an experienced partner to help with the fast execution of a content creation project to accelerate organic growth

Before we started working with Zipadoo - their main source of traffic came from paid campaigns and were only attracting branded traffic. Meaning, people that were actively searching for their brand and were aware of them. Mostly active customers that logged in to their platform.

Mainly, their website pages struggled with visibility in the right cities for terms that were relevant to their platform and offerings. Since their operations were limited to certain countries the traffic needed to be relevant to the cities they operate in.

They were aware of the increasing need for SEO optimization and high-quality content that seamlessly integrated their platform whenever appropriate, and captured the increasing demand for their services.

Crafting such content and identifying relevant data-driven keywords required a level of expertise that went beyond their immediate capacity.

In order to tackle these challenges, Zipadoo pursued a partner with the capabilities to oversee every aspect of content creation and SEO. This encompassed tasks such as keyword research, competitor analysis, content briefing, content creation, graphic design, and content publication.

Their objective was to bypass the cumbersome and inefficient process of hiring and coordinating with multiple service providers for each aspect of the project. Additionally, they weren’t looking for a partner who was a jack of all trades and a master of none.

Ultimately, to facilitate organic growth, Zipadoo sought a partner with specialized expertise to promptly execute a thorough content creation initiative. Their aim was to streamline this process without sacrificing the quality or efficacy of the content generated.


We kicked things off in August 2022.

The Solution


 Research and identify keywords with buyer intent and relevant to their offerings. Identify 1 main keyword for each page

 Analyze their competitors and find low-hanging fruits and opportunities to capitalize on

 Craft comprehensive content briefs containing detailed content instructions, outlines, and SEO information

 Establish processes and workflows that require minimal effort on our client’s side

 Create content that ranks high in Google search for the right target market

 Continuously monitor, report and adjust the strategy to maximize results

Following this initial step, we utilized our keyword research tool to rank the keywords according to their potential, based on search intent and relevancy. Once prioritized, we integrated these keywords into a content calendar and commenced content creation.

The process involved receiving a content briefing from our SEO strategists and conducting an outline review on behalf of the client. Upon receiving approval for our outlines, we proceeded with content creation. We generated a content map and always kept it up to do - so the client could follow along in the workflow. This content map included:

  • Title of each post (approved by client)
  • Status: not started, researching, writing, editing, client reviewing, published
  • Month of publication
  • Main keyword targeted
  • Additional keywords
  • Internal linking structure
  • Content type
  • Stage of the buyer journey
  • Buyer intent
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Following our strategy led to a continuous increase in traffic, and now also started to see conversions increasing rapidly as well. We consistently pushed the envelope, brought new ideas to the team, and executed those ideas punctually and professionally.

Their level of professionalism, deliverables, and organizational skills are outstanding. This allowed us to focus on other aspects of the business, which had a big impact on the way we do things.

The Results

Aside from just the keywords and organic traffic, the organic growth we generated has elevated organic search to become one of Zipadoo’s main customer acquisition channels.


 Around 15.7K monthly organic visits to their website

 Visibility for more than 3.5K keywords in targeted areas

 Increased sign-ups to their platform by 5x

 Turn organic search into a customer acquisition channel that facilitates growth

Monthly organic visitors to their website

Turned SEO Into Zipadoo’s #1 Customer Acquisition Channel

Organic Keyword Positions

9.4K Keywords

Turned SEO Into Zipadoo’s #1 Customer Acquisition Channel (1)

The Summary

After working with Zipadoo we've been able to create some great results. This is a practical example of the difference with relevant traffic coming from the right audience. Our goal was not just to increase their traffic, more importantly than that was to increase it with traffic that converts. 

SEO and content marketing is a long-term game, but with the right strategy, link-building, and paid promotion it's possible to speed up the short-term results. 

We were generating some traffic but, as far as we know, it wasn't providing any value for our business, and exceed changed that. They came along and started tracking this traffic and we noticed that we were ranking for keywords that were useless to our business model. They not only increased our traffic significantly, but they also created a channel that consistently generated sign ups to our platform.

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